Sunday, October 11, 2009



I am sitting back in an old chair watching my mix-mut companion, kanoa - breath up and down as he eagerly awaits my responsibility in taking him for a walk.

I had coffee with two people today - my sister before taking her to the airport and a new friend who came back from a trip where he petted Cheetahs.

I read a great chapter in the book "The Myth of a Christian Religion" by Gregory Boyd. It was all about Ceasar and Jesus. It reminded me that working hard to filter thoughts, actions, and investments through the life of Jesus Christ isn't a bad, religous, judgemental, or close-minded effort. It brings me LIFE and it is GOOD.


...isn't JUST another day before a 'better' day comes along.
Today can't be wasted.
Today is full of opportunities, moments, and conversations.

I want to pay attention to the details.
I pray that today tangles me into every seed available.

Help me - help us - to never allow 'today' to become less than great.

I want to run with angels, with 'sinners',
...dream with children,
...learn from wizards,
...sing with women,
...hug the hopeless,
...share with strangers, with friends, the outcasts,
...thank the givers,
and pray for fathers.

Cheers to today.

Make it great!

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Lacey said...

You know something I love about you? Your hopefulness. Even in the midst of storms (others AND even yours) there is this hope that radiates from you and it soaks into those around you.

It is a gift and a blessing.

You are a blessing. Cheers to you. Cheers to today.