Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Political Accountability - a must.

If you get the time...check this website out. It helps to adjust the bias we so easily take in regarding our desire to understand politics: www.factcheck.org

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


the beauty of Honduras and the crust of Central America that surrounds it is astonishing. this place is flooding with lush forest and rich soil. i stepped off the plane and became quickly swallowed by the fog and haze of the drastic humidity in San Pedro Sula. Hector and his brother "Walter" graciously picked me up at the airport after a 2 hour delay in customs.

from romping in the rain forest, laughing with the Soto family, and tasting the surface of Honduras's deep culture; i felt taller, wider, and clearer in thought upon my return to the US.

the people in this world are so unique. they are products of something i can only brush my finger on.

joy is complex.

perspective is priceless.

learning Spanish is a must!

Muchas Gracias Honduras

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