Thursday, November 26, 2009


My soul, there is a Countrie
Far beyond the stars
Where stands a winged Centrie
All skilful in the wars,
There, above noise, and danger
Sweet peace sits crown'd with smiles,
And one born in a Manger
Commands the Beauteous files,
He is thy gracious friend,
And (O my Soul awake!)
Did in pure love descend
To die here for thy sake,
If thou canst get but thither,
There grows the flowre of peace,
The Rose that cannot wither,
Thy fortress, and thy ease;
Leave then thy foolish ranges;
For none can thee secure,
But one, who never changes,
Thy God, thy life, thy cure.

- Henry Vaughan

Happy Thanksgiving! - So much to be thankful for...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

a walk in the snow

it is truly amazing how much good you can find in moments.

in moments that are forced upon you by the design of nature.

after experiencing a long night and a late morning of walking in the quiet frosting snow I have been gracefully reminded of just how beautiful 'creation' is.

for example:

the wonders of how my eyes take in the light.

the peaceful feeling of being thankful, joyous, and content - amongst the stress and anxiety of city living.

the way my dog fights to be known as either a watchful and poised wolf sniffing and protecting or a playful puppy prancing amongst the untouched white blankets.

the mystery I am engaged to be a part as I allow myself to dream about love, my future, and the complexities of being vulnerable & human.

the miracle of breathing, bleeding, and touch.

the excitement of choice, risk, faith, and destiny.

the passion behind a winter kiss.

the dance of children as a snow man comes to life.

the unspoken music of all who share this magical snow storm.

God - Friend,

-Thank you for your natural wonders.
-Thank you for how you meet us in moments.
-Bring us life.
-Bring us love.
-Bring us out of ourselves.
-Take our hands.
-Take our hearts.
-Take our dirty feet.
-Cleanse our mind.
-Cleanse our dreams.
-Help us understand grace.
-Help us find freedom.
-Help us trust in you.
-Lead our fight to forgive.
-Lead our desire to be known.
-Lead our hopes for letting go.
-Thank you for loving us.
-Thank you for allowing us all into the conversation.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kiva Walk 2 - update!

I wanted to share an update.

One: I had an AMAZING trip in San Francisco last weekend. Everything from meeting the incredible Kiva team to taking in the depth of culture hugging the bay area made this trip well worth the time.

Two: As I allowed the creative juices to flow in conversation with Kiva staff I decided on a new route. I will now depart from Lewes, Delaware and end in San Francisco, CA. I made this change for the following reasons:

- Walking towards family, friends, and close community here in Denver - where many have voiced sincere interest in joining me
- Having an exciting goal to physically meet Kiva staff and supporting communities in San Francisco as I finish
- Walking the entirety of the American Discover Trail (, which comes complete with maps, state-coordinators, and turn-by-turn support
- The personal excitement in making this a true coast-to-coast adventure

Three: Total Trip - 5300 miles!