Thursday, September 24, 2009

...thought spray

Life will fly right by us.

Live in the moment.

Embrace the risk to be alive and passionate.

Have you said sorry to them?

There are many cars driving over 70mph right by us.

The sky gets more and more unpredictable.

Go visit a landfill.

Have you told those you love that they are special to you?

People will come and go. some will stay.

We will break our legs, our cars, and our hearts.

Where is the new sale?

People want you to you love who you are. they really don't need things to look a certain way.

Does being homeless mean that I am heartless?

Why does committed love between two people of the same sex threaten us so much?

What devastating event in our life will force us to better understand the words "we, us, share, give, love, grace"?


what are your thoughts?


Cully Wright said...

love it. seeing you from the inside out. always do.

Lamb said...


My thoughts are not a spray,
But a shotgun to your brain.
Love life, live it,
Refuse to kill it
Based on monatary gains
Or even by your standards
That I revel in choppin' down!
Accept humanity as it has accepted you,
Asians, 'the white man', 'blacks' or jews,
What's the different but the case?
Which we all accept is fake.
'For God so loved the world'
But the world's a teenage bitch
Who always wants the other side,
But the other side's a myth.
Know what you have and respect it.
Know who you love and love them.
Know what you are and accept it.
But more importantly
Accept those you arn't.

Rich coming from me, but I know it's the mature thing.