Wednesday, May 20, 2009


"where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier."

I read this rough printed nugget of truth yesterday and immediately stopped focusing on how I was going to fit the rest of the jagged fortune cookie in my mouth.

There was a pause that lasted for about ten minutes. I was overwhelmed with comfort, excitement, fear, and uncertainty.

I graduated college on May 17th... After seven years, I not only completed a rigorous series of courses taught by professionals, but I transformed into a passionate, free-thinking, open-minded, spiritual, soul-searching pod of authentic puss. These past seven years have been incredible.

The reality is that the open-mind is difficult. Authenticity is humbling and messy. Free-thought can feed hurricanes of challenge, doubt, and stress. The road that brings peace to myself and to others is a hard one. There is no "mystery" behind patience, faith, and trust....its just plain hard. There is no "surprise" in the peace found in forgiving and giving...its just hard. The journey ahead for the open-mind is not meant to be easy - it is a series of challenges that confront the design of the human race. The foundation of our souls crave to free our ability to freely think from the walls we so easily put up.

Truth moves all around us...and the choice to stop, think, and listen can boil our waters - as well as purify them for what is to come.

The frontier ahead is wide, vast, beautiful, dangerous, and full of surprises. My mind and my heart are open to its many colors and changing seasons.

bring the rain
bring the sun
bring the clouds
bring the wind
bring the birds
bring the trees
bring the storms

im ready


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