Friday, May 29, 2009

...letting go

letting go of something that you have held close to you is painful.

the very moment it slips from your reach your heart aches to have it back.

sooner than later the flood gates of "why" you held on slam open and fill the walls of your thoughts with great pressure.

there is loss, sadness, regret, guilt, and a firework display of questions that rage in an effort to erase your recent goodbye.


there is another side.

releasing something that seemed to hold you together for a period of time can be magical.

perspective takes a nose dive into your insecurity, your priorities, your passions, your ability or inability to cope.

it can shake your faith and send threatening vibrations throughout one's spiritual foundation.

life has a mysterious way of showing us where we need to go.

testing us for malfunctions...errors...broken code

it also pushes us to make hard decisions to do what is best.

we can choose to listen and move in the direction that whispers...

or we can ignore the voice and fight for the personal control we so easily seek.


i have let go of something dear to me.

i can't begin to see the whole picture clearly.

i crave answers.

patience and faith.


i will regain my strength.

i will trust the voice that guides me.

peace will soon follow.

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Tonia said...

I am stunned at how this passage resonates for me right now. Funny, because I sent you message through what seems to be a passed address for you in touch.