Saturday, December 27, 2008

they are for me

The Gods' aren't angry...(title of a movie made by Mars Hill Church pastor, Rob Bell)

I sat with two great friends today and talked about life, dreams, and Jesus. How great are the moments when forces collide to discuss the pursuit of happiness, security, goals, and/or survival? Where do we get the strength to accept how unique we are? Where do we find hope amongst our growing lack of satisfaction?

Binding and Loosing is a term used by Rob Bell when describing the act of interpreting and better understanding the Bible for TODAY. As scripture has always pointed out: We are fighting a battle. This battle is against ourselves and our greatest allies "fear and pride". Today, freedom is sold, marketed, and tacked onto our cars with temporary stick. I watch movies such as "Into the West, Braveheart, and Dances with Wolves" and I am confronted with a pulse of freedom I have yet to fully understand. Will Barack Obama really "save" our nation? What kind of pressure are we putting on someone who bleeds just like you and I? This man has cried. This man has wounds. What kind of freedom are we seeking from this supposed "super" human? I am hopeful for change and I am excited for the new doors Obama will lead us through, however I am not content with placing my idea of freedom in someone whose insides look and feel similar to mine.

I have been every number on the "Christianity" scale (1 - being no interest and 10 - being sold out). I know what it is like to doubt and dismiss God. I know what it is like to be simply comforted by his presence...and I also know what it is like to be on my knees in honest faith and relationship with God. In my 26 years The Bible has taught me a lot. Binding and Loosing the words that were written to bring truth and meaning to life have been and will always be a part of my journey. Stretching and challenging the frequently translated original Hebrew text allows me to endure this narrow road towards inner peace.

Noise, law, religion, judgement, difference, class, and accolades will continue to flood the gates on this tiresome trek.

Can I turn off the noise, understand the law, face religion, avoid judgement, accept difference, destroy "class", and ignore the accolades?

I think I can try. "The Gods' Aren't Angry". They are for me.

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