Thursday, September 24, 2009

...thought spray

Life will fly right by us.

Live in the moment.

Embrace the risk to be alive and passionate.

Have you said sorry to them?

There are many cars driving over 70mph right by us.

The sky gets more and more unpredictable.

Go visit a landfill.

Have you told those you love that they are special to you?

People will come and go. some will stay.

We will break our legs, our cars, and our hearts.

Where is the new sale?

People want you to you love who you are. they really don't need things to look a certain way.

Does being homeless mean that I am heartless?

Why does committed love between two people of the same sex threaten us so much?

What devastating event in our life will force us to better understand the words "we, us, share, give, love, grace"?


what are your thoughts?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

let's dance

In reading the book "SexGod" by Rob Bell I have been strictly re-affirmed in my deep and built-in need to connect with others.

I have always valued this.
The time spent with friends, strangers, family - people.

There is no mystery in observing our growing hunger to talk about others behind their back.

There is no mystery in our flippant usage of profanity and hand gestures when cut-off in traffic.

There is no mystery to the devistating hole that bares its ugly head when we have lost someone we love - whether in relationship or physical death.

There is no mystery to the actions of the quick-fix consumer and his/her purchasing power as a reaction or numbing agent to stress.

Why do we do these things?

- Well, I believe we will always meet reaction in the face of stress. I think it is a part of being human. It is natural.

- That said, I also believe what is natural is how we connect with others. We need to share, ask, question, trust, initiate, forgive, listen, and sit with - more.

We are not meant to be alone - in solitude. We are meant to share this place we walk on, eat from, and swim in.

We must connect more. We must trust more. We must allow others into our life and crave to be a part of theirs.

It is easier to have lunch with, dialogue with, and connect with those who are in our bubble. In fact, many of these friends and family feed us and are in many forms our - life blood - thus, making them a necessary bubble!


I challenge myself and anyone who reads this to be mindful of the 'others': The people who represent the harsh words out of our mouths, thoughts, and actions. The unfortunate souls that continue to fry in our "gossip" world.

Those who annoy us, frustrate us, make us angry.
Those who have hurt us, hurt others, and dis-agree with us.
Those who have been mis-understood, manipulated by, and framed as.

How would all of the areas listed above change if we all spent more time -truly- listening, prodding, caring, and investing into those who became scum in the words or actions we exercise.

We would understand that they make sense.

They have had difficulty.

They need us.

They need a God that is bigger than the guilt, the poster, the sticker, and dare I say the default fix-it: devotional, book, or fancy 10K cross.

They need God in the way we talk about them - to them - and around them.

Our Holy Spirits are alive.

They crave to dance in the the moments we spend with those we don't understand.

We aren't perfect.

We can't fix people.

We will lose patience.

We will give-up for a time.

We will fall and fall in an effort to forgive.

We must keep getting back up.

We are needed.

Fight the good fight.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the penis and the vagina

No...this is not about anatomy, sex, being male or female...and the like.


Curious? Uncomfortable?

I will tell you I'm 'unsteady' in selecting 'publish post' with this title.


Think about it. About our 'cover-up' culture.


I'm not advocating nudity. I'm talking about something bigger attention.


Are we utterly aware of our elephants? You know, those things that we don't tell everyone - or anyone. Back to the title. We are human beings. We have many - alive - and functioning parts - internal and external. Where do you think we would be as a country if we were more open and honest in healthy dialogue regarding our "private parts"?

Take this to another level...

These secrets, beliefs, dreams, experiences, hopes, longings, insecurities, ideas...the list goes on.


Sure, hiding is easy. We have mastered the art of doing so. (cubicles, large houses w/100 rooms, excessive shopping, distracting media, television, fast-food..etc)

These elephants are powerful when they exist solely in our head.
Don't you agree?
Sure we can shove them down, tuck them back, or cover them up - control them.

Let's face it. They are still there.

I don't know if I can describe a more challenging experience then when I allow others - those that I trust - to see these things.

Jesus is an example. He asks his followers to give up their control in exchange for life to its fullest. Give it up to who? I find that in prayer I can muster the words, thoughts, and wishes towards God in hopes that his large magic wand will cast her shiny eraser on my elephant...haha, maybe this works for some. It never has for me. In my experience, giving this control to Jesus - to God - has been the timely efforts of trusting those around me who love and care for me.

These conversations were profound. I allowed other 'spirits' if you will - into my pain, fear, and frustration.

Vulnerable - yes.

Empowering - yes.

I walk prouder, taller, and increasingly confident in a God that loves me unconditionally - a family of people that support me endlessly - and a growing drive to seek continuous freedom for others and myself.

Find people that can listen, support, and help you with your might be suprised at how much they will honor your courage - they may just let you see some of theirs too.

Cheers - to a fuller life.