Sunday, November 15, 2009

a walk in the snow

it is truly amazing how much good you can find in moments.

in moments that are forced upon you by the design of nature.

after experiencing a long night and a late morning of walking in the quiet frosting snow I have been gracefully reminded of just how beautiful 'creation' is.

for example:

the wonders of how my eyes take in the light.

the peaceful feeling of being thankful, joyous, and content - amongst the stress and anxiety of city living.

the way my dog fights to be known as either a watchful and poised wolf sniffing and protecting or a playful puppy prancing amongst the untouched white blankets.

the mystery I am engaged to be a part as I allow myself to dream about love, my future, and the complexities of being vulnerable & human.

the miracle of breathing, bleeding, and touch.

the excitement of choice, risk, faith, and destiny.

the passion behind a winter kiss.

the dance of children as a snow man comes to life.

the unspoken music of all who share this magical snow storm.

God - Friend,

-Thank you for your natural wonders.
-Thank you for how you meet us in moments.
-Bring us life.
-Bring us love.
-Bring us out of ourselves.
-Take our hands.
-Take our hearts.
-Take our dirty feet.
-Cleanse our mind.
-Cleanse our dreams.
-Help us understand grace.
-Help us find freedom.
-Help us trust in you.
-Lead our fight to forgive.
-Lead our desire to be known.
-Lead our hopes for letting go.
-Thank you for loving us.
-Thank you for allowing us all into the conversation.

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Karen Luckett said...

This is amazing and is aerticulating my heart. I am going to repost. Assuming you are the author. I love you forever.