Sunday, October 25, 2009

a response to .. ... ..

A dear friend responded to my previous 'quote' posted as ".. ... .." (below). I thought his observation/insight was - spot on.

"Although it is foolish to waste time, waiting is not time wasted. Jesus waited 30 years before he set out on his mission. Just because he waited does not mean he did nothing. Waiting gives one time to think and have clarity of mind and to plan and to pray. I see where this is going, but put too simply it can miss a vital point. More haste, less speed. Patience is worth more than gold. Take your time, Jon. You live in the moment and that has it disadvantages aswell. Be wise."

Cheers to the -good- people in our lives who balance us out.

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Lamb said...

Haha. Thank you, Jon. Be well.