Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kiva Walk 1 - a rough introduction

Friends, family, and distant seekers -

(As many of you know)...I will be leaving in March of 2010 on a 7-9 month walk from Denver, CO to Portland, Maine. This will be the first of many posts and thoughts related to this 'large' and quickly approaching adventure....yOw!

Why this trip? - my answers are vast and they all center around connecting, observing, listening, and investing in - people!

Exploring well over 2,500 miles of our country at a comfortable pace with my super-mixed-mut-pooch Kanoa through hundreds of culture-rich communities makes me crazy....ahhhhh, the simplicity of a back pack, the clothes on my back, and the unpredictable terrain of my country and her people...

An equal heart-beat that pumps my drive to walk will be the effort in advocating and raising money for Kiva. Kiva is a break through non-profit organization that is changing lives through online micro-finance. In other words, providing small and manageable loans to start businesses for individuals and families in our developing world. Their success in shifting the world of charity towards an easy-to-use sustainable giving model is profound and has captured my spirit - I leave next week (November 5-8th) to rally and kick-off KivaWalk with their staff in San Francisico, CA!

I have posted a 5-minute video that will give you a window into how INCREDIBLE this organization really is.

If you are interested in joining my lending team for the walk please visit:

You will see many KivaWalk updates as March gets closer!

Please watch if you are curious about Kiva and what they do:

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Cully Wright said...

so proud of you for living life the way you do.