Thursday, October 22, 2009

dear wind,

my eyes fight to stay awake...and yet I stay

my logic races to win...and yet my dreams always win


i just finished a cold sip of coffee.
i felt it go all the way down.
i stared at a bruise from having my blood drawn.
i answered the phone 50 times today.
i watched my dog get straight a's in training.
i ate casserole.
i smiled, laughed, and swapped stories with a great friend.
i shared my work day with my mentee - a rare and special young man.
i prepared for an exciting web meeting tomorrow.
i feel myself digesting a homemade scone.
i am eager to sleep.
i enjoy the smoothness of the keys as I type.


my longings are bigger than a sinlge person.
my longings are greater than a paycheck.
my longings are heavier than validation from friends and family.
my longings are challenging me to remain unsettled.
my longings are writing a story.

a story of faith, love, hope, courage, and selflessness that I am hopeful to better understand each day I get older.



Cully Wright said...

The mind of man plans his way,
But the LORD directs his steps.
pvbs 16-9

hope you're having a great morning.
I read this, this earlier and it just made me
think about how much we plan, and look to
the future, but how ultimately the final
outcome of our ideas, thoughts, hopes,
prayers, lives, is in Gods hands. He has
given 'choice', but honestly, the biggest
choice we usually need to make is simply
accepting that our journeys are unclear
and standing behind, or better yet rising up
to the life that God has mapped out for us.

It was great talking to you last night Buddy Boy!
Thanks for being the person you are and inspiring
me to be a better person myself.


Tracy said...

this is incredible...

what a great writer you are...

Love, Trac

PS.... I miss you.