Thursday, July 23, 2009


the onslaught of task, obligation, and e-mail can spit all over us.

every day.

if we allow it.

a month ago my friend Mark and I knew that the fog forming in the cubicle world was going to suffocate us if we didn't learn to take full advantage of our weekends.
we proceeded to plan a trip for this past weekend to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.

we had four days (two of which were driving) to explore these great stretches of land.


this is the kind of trip that sticks with you...challenges you...makes you dwell on the real blessings in your life: your happier moments, your limitless future, and ultimately God...

in addition to the never ending shock of mother nature's magic in these parks, my trip was full and good because of what was shared between Mark and I.

we read (out-loud) a book titled "the Shack" in the midst of our 14 hour (one-way) routes both there and back.

we laughed. we cried. we stretched. we grew.

i am so thankful for friends...and in particular, those that invest on levels that go deeper...those that break down the walls of intrusion, comfort, and safety.

Glacier, Yellowstone, Mack (the shack), and more importantly Mark:

thank you.

for a refreshing jump-start into my faith, my passion, and my excitement for being alive.

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Lamb said...

Jealous. You guys have all the fun and leave me here to rot! Nah, I joke. But I do wish I was there or went on a similar trip with one if not both of you.