Sunday, April 12, 2009

God is here.

"...We all finished our request to God and my next sensation was beyond the words of the world. A vibration shot from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, like a current of pure truth pushing out the old Peter and putting in a new me. It still seemed too simple. But I felt clearer, cleaner and different from ever before in my life. Something transforming had happened to me here..."

-Peter Jenkins, A Walk Across America

Happy Easter

He is with us.

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Cully Wright said...

beautiful, describes how real and authentic the words the author uses to graphically detail the living situation of those people. We forget how lucky and blessed we are to live in comfort, we take for granted our soft beds, our stainless steel kitchens, our central air conditioning and organic groceries. Our disinfected lives of comfort and convenience go by day to day, mostly without a thought toward the "unfortunate people" in the world not living the way we live.

It is inspiring the beauty one can see in the face of someone so different than oneself. It is a relief to know that people like this author and people like you are out there in the world to remind the rest of us to look past our shiny lives to the beauty in someones toothless grin. These people belong to God, just as much, if not more than us. They are living, being, inspiring, not complaining or desiring, or purchasing...

Documentation of these lives in the high gloss pages of $4.00 magazines help us realize there is more to life than what lies around us..

Hope. Hope that one day these people will find a Heaven in the Hell they live.

Thanks, to both you, and Luke White...