Wednesday, January 23, 2008

poster title:--> when we are already dead.

Well. People.

Last week I joined a team of designers at Metro State College of Denver in a "Social Awareness Poster Workshop".

It was amazing.

This workshop was empowered with over twenty minds cramming loads of research and ideas for three full days.

From forest fires to breast feeding...suicide to child labor...road rage to unsafe meat....political ignorance to man-made poverty......and many more.

It was a great experience ---> Furthermore, because of how good they all turned out we are having a show on Feb 14-16...not sure where...but if your in the Denver area....pop me an email! and i'll give you the info!

My poster was meant to communicate the physical and mental murder we conduct when we seperate people. When we remove the humanity from a person and their life and place them in a category... (for example) "Jewish, Christian, Homosexual, Heterosexual, Tax Collector, Prostitute, Criminal, Black, Asian, Liberal, Muslim, Democrat, Republican..." this list goes on and on....and at extreme cases we face the hard to fathom reality of "genocide"...I wanted to make us aware of how we label, categorize, and to some degree ultimatley destroy those unique brothers and sisters we share this great planet with.

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