Monday, December 17, 2007

ah...the beaches of Colorado!

Just wanted to show yee people the incredible mountain I slapped around with my snowboard a week ago.

Crested Butte, Colorado! <---we got dumped on with 8ft + snow that weekend, uh-mazing.

It was my second time ever taking the plunge down a mountain.

Breathtaking. Sore. Foul-language. Tears of joy. Shocking scenery. Great company and community. Thrilling sport! ----> Im in love with it!

So good to be here!

Im off to Georgia for two weeeeeeeeks, then back to my second home---Ireland!

Happy Holidays PeOple!

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C.J. Varela at said...

Yeah buddy! keep ripping it up there so maybe one day you'll be able to keep up with me. Lets do this! Merry Christmas mate.